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LinkedIn is considered the B2B social network, the place for service businesses to be. It is used extensively by job seekers and recruiters for identifying potential employers or candidates. However don’t just dismiss it if you are a B2C business as your ideal customer may have joined of one of the many diverse and active interest Groups. For example, I’m a member of the Group Horse Lovers of the Business World and I have found all sorts of niche markets for clients of mine to interact with high-value consumers.

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The following are 7 important actions you need to take to market your business on LinkedIn.

 1. Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile

When you create your LinkedIn profile make sure you fill it in completely. Include everything you can to ensure that you have a professional looking profile.  Also make sure you have a good, recent professional photo on your profile ideally on a white background.  There are five important areas where you want to make sure you include the keywords you want to be found for:

  • The Headline
  • Current work experience
  • Past work experience
  • Your website URL, you can customise how this appears
  • The Summary section

 2. Import Contacts

After you’ve finished creating your profile, import your contacts and then choose the ones you want to add to your connections. Choose your connections wisely. More connections are not always better. You want colleagues and your target market to connect with you so don’t just add anyone, be choosy.  I know many people who refuse to link with anyone who doesn’t have a photo on their profile.

3. Join Groups

Join groups of individuals who share your career and career goals but also join groups that belong to your target market. For example, if you’re an Online Marketing Consultant and specialise in working with book authors, you can join groups with other marketers, but you also want to join groups such as a Book Writers Group, or any writers group because once they get to know you they may very well hire you.

4. Create a Group

Create your own LinkedIn GroupYou can also create your own group. Create a group name that has your niche market’s demographics in mind and then keep the group going. Invite your connections to join it, market it on Twitter, Facebook, in your blogs and anyway that you can to get people to sign up for your group. When you have members keep the group active by posting questions, discussing issues you’re having or reporting successes.  You can create rules for your group regarding the level of promotion that’s allowed and you can also decide whether you want to approve members before they join or have an open membership.

5. Set up your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn company pages are becoming more and more popular among marketers who are looking to engage with their networks, generate leads, promote events and showcase their products.  Make sure as always that you keep your brand consistent with your website and other social media accounts.

LinkedIn pages can improve your search engine rankings as they often perform well in company searches. List at least one of your products or services in the “Products” section.  You can have three products or services with rotating banner images and these feature clickable links that you can link to relevant landing pages on your website.

6. Give Recommendations

Is your Virtual Assistant or Accountant on LinkedIn? What about your writers, your consultants or even your Dentist? If so, recommend them. A recommendation on LinkedIn is a very important way to get genuine testimonials.

7. Ask for Recommendations

Don’t forget to ask your clients, teachers or employers (past or present) for recommendations on LinkedIn. If you don’t ask you usually won’t get them. Most people don’t think to give recommendations on their own. You need to prompt them and ask.

LinkedIn is a great place to research information on a company or person and find out more about them. Of course, you need to remember that people will be using it to research you too so make sure that you create the right impression.

If you need help you might want to take a look at our social media audit service where we’ll provide you with a detailed written report on where to make improvements and how to make your social media activity more effective.

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