B is for BlogB for Blog!

What else could B stand for in my social media alphabet but Blog!  So many people I meet know what one is and they often have favourites they read. The questions I often get asked are what, why, when or how to blog. So let’s take it back to very basics.


What is a blog?

The word “blog” is a contraction of the word “web log”, maybe derived from the joking “we blog”. It was posted in a sidebar back in the early days of blogging.  Many words have been formed from the root, such as blogosphere, meaning the whole blog cyberspace. A blogger, someone who maintains a blog on a regular basis. Being a bit of a grammar freak, it interests me that it can be either a noun or a verb (sad, I know)!

It is a type of online journal that can be either personal or shared. A blog can range from someone just writing about their hobby, passion or interest, or wanting to share their life and experiences, to using one for business.  You can use loads of interactive features to illustrate your blogs, such as photos, graphics, videos, link sharing and text.


Why bother?

Over history, there has always been a natural human desire to communicate. I like to think of Homer’s Iliad, the Bayeux Tapestry and Samuel Pepys’ Diaries as blogs of their times, in various different guises.

Let’s look at this from a business perspective, though. I see the main reason to set up your own is to establish yourself as an expert, knowledgeable and the ‘go-to’ person in your business area. This does come with a BIG word of warning. You need to have something to say, enjoy writing, have expertise and be confident enough to want to share it.

You also need to be prepared to put your own personality into your writing. Always make sure you have good content and limit the amount of promotion you include.


What, When and How?

Google “101 Great Posting Ideas “. There are some great suggestions that I’m sure will help you generate ideas. You are an expert in your field so think about some of the questions you get asked and write about those.

Alternatively, you can always do an A-Z of your own business area!!!


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