“I don’t know what to blog, tweet, post or pin!”

This is, without a doubt, the question that I’m asked most often and the most frequent comment I get about social media. Having accepted this 30-Day Challenge I really empathise with the “what do I say”  dilemma. It can be a major hurdle for many people trying to get going on social media or blogging.

I’ve decided to tackle my Challenge, and the rest of this year, by creating a theme for each month. Maybe somewhat obvious, this month’s theme is going to be blogging! I plan to find useful information to help get you started, curate content from the multiple excellent sites around that might make life simpler. I’m also going to test out templates and ideas I come across.

Why bother with blogging?

Blogs create a face to your business that your clients can identify with and participate in.  They’ve become a valuable part of today’s consumer-generated media and are a cost-effective way of communicating quickly with your prospects and clients.  The open dialogue between you and your client can dramatically cut costs and boost revenue because you’ll be getting first-hand research information for next-to-nothing! A blog is the perfect instant feedback mechanism.

You can use blogs to:

  • Provide value-added content
  • Build a relationship with your readers
  • Establish trust with your clients while gaining credibility
  • Create awareness about your product offerings
  • Test ideas and research your market by getting your readers and clients to participate in discussions.

In my new quest to find blogworthy information, I’ve already come across loads of really useful advice, hints and tips.

Yesterday I found this great infographic doing the rounds on Twitter from Copyblogger:
11 Essential Ingredients for blogging [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.

Now I know the golden rules for a great blog I can see that I’m just going to have to keep working at it!

When you blog, what do you most love writing about?


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