Evidence of Blogging Benefits

I was going to move on from blogging this month but I’ve just come across the infographic below from Don Crowther. Don is one of the Internet Marketing and Social Media Experts I follow in the USA.  This really caught my attention as it contains evidence of blogging benefits for marketing your business. So I thought I would share and review the findings.

Evidence of Blogging Benefits

Hard Number Evidence of Blogging Benefits - An Infographic from DonCrowther.com

Embedded from DonCrowther.com

In Don’s words, this is “hard number evidence” of the benefits. He also talks about the fact that 38% of all marketers have never blogged.  You may think this doesn’t mean you as you don’t classify yourself as a ‘marketer’. I thought I’d just remind you that whatever business or trade you are in – accountancy, legal, therapist, retailer…..anything – you are the marketer of your business!


Will this work for you (or me!)?

I found the three areas that Don analysed of Leads, SEO and Traffic important to examine. The evidence is certainly clear that blogging works. However, as a small business, I find it almost impossible to maintain the 15-20 blogs a month level that Don’s statistics are based on! With the best of intentions during last month’s HubSpot’s 30-day Blog Challenge, the maximum I got to was 17 blogs.

I do accept the evidence of blogging benefits for your business is strong. Not just from a hard data point of view. Also, for the powerful “soft” factors that are key to generating sales, like trust, credibility and referrals.

Personally, I now plan to blog more frequently and consistently but I also realise that I need to target 4-8 blogs a month maximum until my team grows. I want to be able to produce quality content and need to still have time to work with my clients.

I will attend Don’s webinar, or hopefully catch up with the recording, to see if he has any suggestions to tackle this issue and will report back on this or anything else useful.


A Word of Warning

While I strongly believe that blogging is a good marketing tool, I also think that it should be used in conjunction with other marketing methods too. You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Depending on the number of clients/customers you want or need to attract, blogging may not be the best tool for your business.

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