Getting to the Finish Line

Finishing your blogHow do you go about finishing your blog?  You crafted a magnetic headline, you opened with a bang and you told your story because you’ve followed all the advice online. So what do you do next? Many people have found success by asking the simple question “Does my blog matter”. But there are a few other things you should think about before you finish, other options to ensure you keep your readers engaged.

This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select the right approach for you and provide you with options that will let you successfully conclude your blog rather than just hurl yourself at the finish line.

The general consensus from my research is that after your title, the final few lines of your blog article are the most important.  One of the obvious things not to do is to just summarise but to connect the dots for your readers so they don’t have to do that work themselves. Sometimes, if your audience isn’t reading closely (or if they don’t quite understand your point) your conclusion can make or break their understanding of the topic.

I really like the seven different ways suggested by Ali Luke on ProBlogger of finishing your blog and prior to hitting the “Publish” button:

1.  Sum up your key message

2.  Encourage the reader to take action

3.  Ask the reader to share your post

4.  Link to another useful resource

5.  Ask a question to encourage comments

6.  Tell readers what’s coming next

7.  Promote your product or service.


So, in conclusion…..finishing your blog

Don’t ever say that!!!  Avoid unnecessary, overused phrases such as “in conclusion,” “in summary,” or “in closing.” Although these phrases can work in speeches, they just don’t have the same impact in writing.

Now that you know the recommended alternative ways to finishing your blog, you’re ready for your dash to the finishing line without worrying whether your readers are going to abandon you.

In tomorrow’s blog, I’m going to look at the main content of a blog, the middle section, with some suggestions that will help your SEO without sacrificing your reader.


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