Guest Blogging – a Beginner’s Look at Why and What are the Rewards

After recovering from the ‘write a blog in one hour Challenge , normal service is resumed. One of the reasons for making comments from my blog last week was that it was a way of being asked to become a guest blogger. As this is an area I’m personally interested in I thought I’d take a more in-depth look.

As I see it, there are two big questions on guest blogging from a beginner’s perspective:

  1. Why would you want to bother to write for someone else? After all, it can be enough of a challenge just to write your own blog.
  2. How do you get invited to write a guest blog?

Today, I am going to look at the first question of why bother guest blogging. In my next post look at the steps involved in being invited to guest blog.

A word of warning before you start, this is not a quick fix.  However, if you are working on genuinely building your reputation, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you but part of your overall marketing strategy.

Why bother guest blogging

Why Guest Blogging?

Typically there are three main goals for guest blogging:

  1. Positioning yourself as an authority and well-known name in the industry
  2. Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website
  3. Building backlinks to your website.

Don’t be put off by the controversy around Matt Cutts’ take on guest blogging earlier this month. The general view seems to be that it was mainly directed at those who are just trying to get backlinks for SEO on spammy low-quality guest blog sites.

What to say?

As always if you want to get noticed you need to produce good quality content that your target client will find useful. This goes back to understanding your niche and who your own target audience is. Once you are comfortable with the information you know about a handful of blogs you need to write an original article for submission as a guest post.  Put extra care and effort into writing a really good blog as you will be reaching out to a new community with the intention of building your own following.

If your guest post proves itself to be relevant, worthwhile and of interest, you will certainly reap the rewards. You will find an increase in the number of visitors to your own blog once your guest post goes live on a ‘big’ blog. People will pay a visit just to see who you are. However, converting those visitors into regular readers will depend on the content on your landing page.

Don’t just leave a link to your main page. Instead, leave a link to a landing page or your RSS subscription link or link to your FREE Ebook page if you are offering one.

What are the rewards?

The general statistics I’ve seen is that you usually convert about 1% of visitors into regular readers. While that sounds low, this is a long term strategy. It is also the reason why it’s important to aim at guest blogging on sites with thousands of visitors per day.

The point is that this is an excellent strategy for extending your reach and boosting your reputation online. It improves your search visibility and can build long-term online connections.

My take from having had a look around is that

  • It is important you don’t forget your own blog during the course of exploring guest blogging
  • Becoming too prolific might work against you if you are seen everywhere
  • Focus and choosing your niche to build the right audience is essential
  • Providing good quality content will build your reputation and following.

I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who’s had experience of guest blogging and from anyone thinking of having a go at it. Any other thoughts welcome, too!

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