Marketing Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Do you:

  • want to win more customers and keep them?
  • love what you do but feel overwhelmed by the challenge of finding new customers?
  • need to attract more of your ideal clients? The ones you love to work with!
  • want to get off the rollercoaster of customer feast or famine?
  • wish you knew what to say about your business on social media?

Then you need marketing coaching and mentoring!

Help is at hand…

I understand how bewildering it can be to find new customers. In a perfect world everyone would just know how great you, your products or services are. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect, and you need to be prepared to take the steps necessary to grow your business. Even if you know what you should be doing, it might also make you feel uncomfortable at times.


Marketing isn’t a dirty word!

Marketing is simply using your skills and expertise to help someone solve their problem. First, you need to identify the fears, frustrations, hopes, and aspirations that your customer, rationally or irrationally, experiences. After that, your marketing challenge is to consistently make your brand known – your ethos, your personality, your expertise.

People buy from people they know, like and trust – whether in real life or online. With either my coaching or mentoring program, I can show you how you can develop that relationship and build your business your way. That means you’ll benefit from my experience and learn from my mistakes! A variety of practical, hands-on options will set you confidently on the path to finding and winning more of the customers you want.

Monthly Marketing Coaching & Mentoring

Marketing Mentoring

Offered as a follow-up either to a strategic plan or as a standalone product, this mentoring approach also works if you already know what you want to do but want the extra help to make it even better.

There are either one or two support calls a month (by Zoom) to go through what’s on your plan –

Bullet Pointwhat you want to achieve

Bullet Pointwhat actions need to be taken to make it happen

Bullet Pointaddress the challenges you’re facing

Bullet Pointhow to be more effective

Bullet Pointhelp you crunch the numbers

Bullet Pointkeep you accountable.

All the things that will keep you confident, disciplined and consistent.

The monthly cost of this package is £295 per month, payable monthly in advance with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

If you want to have a chat to see how I could help then book a focus call by clicking the button below and choosing a date.

Working with Kim has been a revelation. I started my consultancy business on the basis of a throwaway comment and an idea that I knew what I wanted to do, but no real plan on how to do it. Kim has given me direction and purpose, she has taken me completely outside of my comfort zone, shown me the importance of believing in myself and marketing me, as my brand.

Kim has helped me to identify what is really important to me and what gives me that “unfair advantage” over my competitors. I have been led through the importance of a well-crafted website and how to create an effective LinkedIn profile, with some brilliantly insightful critique throughout.

I now have a direction, the confidence to put myself, front and centre of my business and the marketing knowledge and materials with which to do it.

Liz Rix - Rix Management Systems

Liz Rix

ISO Management Systems Consultant, Rix Management Systems

I was struggling to establish who my ideal clients were, and how I could speak to them.

I now have a consistent brand and message, and my business has grown stronger as a result.

Kim’s approach is clear, concise, and effective.

Sean Billings - Syrinx Systems

Sean Billings

Director, Syrinx Systems Ltd

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