Marketing Strategy

It all starts with your Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of confusion between a marketing strategy and plan or tactics. Your marketing strategy is your approach to achieving your business goals while your marketing plan or tactics are the activities that get you there.

Your strategy looks at the 5Ms of Marketing – Mindset, Market, Message, Media and Metrics. You need to approach all your efforts to promote your business in that order. Your marketing plan is about how you’ll get there, so your Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Environment, People and Process – frequently referred to as the 7Ps.

We’ll look at the time you have and your ideal target clients and understand how best to communicate your products and/or services effectively. Then we’ll check that your pricing works, where to find your ideal client and agree on measurement metrics so you can see how well each activity is working.

What are the 5-Ms of Marketing?

Mindset– accepting that you need to be a marketer FIRST and then a business owner;

Market – deciding specifically who and where your perfect customer is, give them a personality – an avatar or profile;

Message – making it compelling; how your service/product will benefit your target customer and solve their problem;

Media – not relying on one form, such as social media, and trying different things;

Measure – ensuring you’ve built in how to find out which part of your approach is working.

5Ms of Marketing Strategy

Why you need a Marketing Strategy

It’s essential to get this right and have a marketing strategy that meets the needs of your business, your customers and YOU.

Once you develop a marketing strategy that is perfect for your business you’ll suddenly discover that you can:

Bullet Pointattract the clients you really want to work with

Bullet Pointstand out in ways that make the competition irrelevant

Bullet Pointknow confidently what to do and what not to do

Bullet Point expect clients to willingly pay a premium to work with you

Bullet Pointidentify the most profitable ways for you to attract new business.

Successful Marketing Strategy

How it works!

Discovery Call

An initial meeting on Zoom or Skype where we’ll learn about your current marketing efforts as well as future goals and objectives.


Establish your attitude to marketing your business and where your current bottlenecks are in implementing a marketing strategy.

Total Online Presence Audit

We’ll review your current marketing to get a baseline and to identify opportunities. Click here to find out more about these audits.

Ideal Client Profile

We’ll look at your niche and investigate three areas to build a picture of your ICP – demographics, psychographics and behavioural characteristics.

Marketing Message

We’ll craft a compelling marketing message to attract your ideal customers and motivate them to take the next step

Recommended Media

From our research and audit of your existing marketing, we’ll recommend the tactics you need to consider fixing or implementing today.


Recommend the appropriate metrics track so you have a much better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t in your business.


We’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team to map out what we believe is the best strategic approach for you to take with your marketing.

Let us help you grow your business

Take the next step and get your marketing strategy completely tailored for your business.

Once you complete your purchase, we’ll reach out quickly, schedule a time to talk, and kick off the conversation with a simple intake form.

The estimated time to deliver your Marketing Strategy is 2-4 weeks after completing our first meeting.

Schedule your complimentary FOCUS CALL to discuss how our marketing services can help your business.
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Go to the next stage and get our Total Marketing Package!

Combine your marketing strategy with a marketing plan.

Take the next step and get your marketing roadmap completely tailored for your business to add to deliver your strategy.

Once you complete your purchase, we’ll reach out quickly, schedule a time to talk, and kick off the conversation with a simple intake form.

The estimated time to deliver your Total Marketing Package is 4-6 weeks after completing our first meeting.

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