Marketing – the missing element from Social Media Marketing?

Marketing missing from social media

I was invited by Lisa Dickson of Caseron Cloud Accounting to give a presentation on Social Media to a breakfast networking group.  Before I even got started, the main preoccupation and discussion around the group were either what to do or how to get the best from social media.  So it was a lively session for an early morning start!!

I decided to go back to basics and called my presentation Social Media Marketing as I truly believe the element that most businesses miss in their approach to social media is the Marketing bit.


Social Media – a standalone activity?

What struck me (and it was a clean blow!) was the way in which Social Media was generally viewed by the group.  What came across was that it is perceived as a standalone activity, like accounts or admin. Another task on the “To Do” list.

Now I completely accept that marketing can be as intimidating to others as Accounts are to me.  However, what I’ve found is that if you approach it with focus, and not let yourself become overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of the task, you will get there.

There were a couple of evangelists in the group who definitely “got it”.  The most brilliant example was Dave Driscoll of Homestead PDS. Dave is definitely not your average painter and decorator!  He’s been using social media for the past three years. In that time he has recorded 146 YouTube videos, as well as being on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. He genuinely confesses to having made loads of mistakes.  He also says that he’s still learning but he’s on a mission to build his business so is actively doing social media marketing!


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is simply another form of marketing, just like magazine advertising or flyers.

This brings me back to the fundamental principles of marketing.  You need to approach all your marketing, including social media marketing, in the following order:

  1. Market – decide specifically who and where your perfect customer is, give them a personality – an avatar;
  2. Message – make it compelling; how your service/product will benefit your target customer and solve their problem
  3. Media – don’t just rely on one form, try different things
  4. Measure – ensure you’ve built in how to find out which part of your approach is working.

There was a genuine concern over the amount of very precious time for SMEs social media could consume.  Generally, though time is the trade-off against the low cost of entry.


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