My Future Action Plan from HubSpot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge

Having now reached the end of HubSpot’s 30-day Blog Challenge, it seems a good point to assess the impact that the Blog Challenge has had. Also, how I plan to go forward from what I’ve learned.

When I began the Blog Challenge, I wanted to write a blog every day. I very soon discovered that this was a bridge too far. As a marketing team of one, I couldn’t keep up the pace, maintain my client work and have a work-life balance!

What I learned from the Blog Challenge

Apart from having to burn the midnight oil to complete what today will be a total 17 blogs in January, I have to confess that I’ve really loved the experience. What I’ve learned is:

  • I’ve discovered, or perhaps re-discovered, that I really enjoy researching, writing and getting comments back on my blogs;
  • I need to be a lot more disciplined and plan my blogging on a regular basis;
  • I don’t have a structured inbound marketing strategy, something I need to lead my clients by example and do.

One of the fun things that happened was one of my early posts in the Blog Challenge being published by Social Media Today. This felt like a great reward for the effort I was making and was fantastic in terms of publicity. I loved seeing my blog being retweeted in French!

How I plan to use what I learned

The Blog Challenge has spurred me on! I now plan to continue blogging on a regular basis, after having been very erratic about blogging before. So taking the experience into a practical plan going forward I’m implementing the following:

1.  Target to write 1-2 blogs a week with a view to increasing this as my business and team grows;

2.  Have a clear opt-in/sign up box that leads to a “Thank you” page with an offer on it;

3.  Decide on a theme for my blog each month and work this into an editorial calendar. I will leave some flexibility for the odd blog on something current that inspires me;

4.  Build my following by guest blogging on sites appropriate for my niche;

5.  Try a mix of different formats, such as video blogs and podcasting;

6.  Pull together the “how to” blogs into an e-book so that the help is in one place for my community.

I have to say a big “thank you” to HubSpot for setting this Blog Challenge. It’s been incredibly helpful to me and I know what I’ve learned will help me build my business in the future.

It would be great to hear whether you’ve found my Challenge experience helpful.

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