New Year! New Challenge – this time a blog!

Another Challenge! Why do I do it? OK, I’ve committed myself, after some procrastination, to HubSpot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge with the objective of writing as many blog posts as possible this month.

As you’d expect, I follow quite a few online experts and have noticed a recent, rapidly spreading trend for the 30-Day Challenge.  They now appear in all sorts of forms and I’ve received at least three 30-day Challenges or programmes in my email today.

I’m not sure what appeals to me so intensely about these Challenges but here I am writing this blog.  Perhaps it’s my competitive nature that leads me to enter these but on reflection for me, it’s really all about learning and accountability.

Another Challenge

I’ve just completed an excellent 30-day Challenge run by the fabulous Michelle Holmes which was her High-Frequency Video Challenge. Michelle’s Challenge was to record a daily video of yourself during December on a subject she chose.  It was amazing! Video is something I had just not got round to and kept putting off.  Not the right light, hair needs cutting, no makeup…. any other excuse I could think of!!

I learnt a huge amount on the Challenge and have really got over myself on the screen. I will use video now and will encourage others to do so.  The other opportunity that Michelle’s Challenge gave me was to meet and interact with her audience. I particularly appreciated and valued the love and support from the “Horse” team that I was privileged to be part of.

So a huge “thank you” to Michelle. I hope to video some of the blogs that I’m planning for this month.


New Blog Challenge

As for me, it’s now writing or recording blog time.  I’ll test and use some of HubSpot’s Blog Templates and let you know how they work and share with you any other interesting resources I discover.

What’s your Challenge for this month? Or 2014? Why not let me know in the comment box below?

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