Pinterest: Love it, hate it or just not sure? Whichever, it’s here to stay!

I found this cartoon the other day that absolutely sums up my Pinterest journey:

My Pinterest journey

I freely admit that when I first saw Pinterest I just didn’t get it! However, as the stunning visual content you find there and the creative use of the site, particularly for B2B, has developed I’ve rapidly become a fan.

You may already have a Pinterest account but, if you’re like most people, you may be feeling just a bit overwhelmed. What exactly is this new social network that’s making so much noise, and even more importantly, is it worth your time?

For entrepreneurs who are busy trying to build a business, that’s a big concern. The last thing you need is another distraction. But here’s the good news. Pinterest is great for marketing and is easily integrated with your other marketing, such as blogging, article marketing, video, Twitter and Facebook!


How to Use Pinterest

Here’s how the basics work: Users can set up “boards” to either add images they’ve created and/or store all the images they find in their daily surfing. Cute puppies, home décor ideas, fun crafts, clothes and recipes are some favourites among the site’s devotees. However, business users are using Infographics, which are visual images of data and advice. This one is “5 reasons to use Pinterest” and there are other great statistical and “how to” infographics out there.


Pinning and Repinning

Pinterest The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

When you pin an image, that image is linked to either your own page or the original page you found it on. Other users can then repin your image to their own boards, thus spreading your message further.

This kind of viral sharing is why companies are so interested in using Pinterest as a part of their marketing plan. And why you should be using it as well.


Following the Leaders

Like any social media network, it is all about who you follow – and who follows you. When you log into Pinterest, you will be greeted by a variety of pictures pinned by those you follow. Lots of browsing is available at the click of a mouse – and you want to be on as many pages as possible.

How do you do that? By being a good (and strategic) follower.

Just like with Twitter, users on Pinterest tend to

  1.  follow those who well-known users follow and
  2. follow back.

That means if you identify the thought leaders or heavy hitters in your niche and follow them.  There’s a good possibility they will follow you back. It is then likely that some of their followers will find and follow you, thereby further increasing your reach.

Because repinning is the currency of Pinterest, you can expect your new followers to pin and repin your pins (as you will theirs).

I could go on but this blog would last forever so I’ve decided to stop here and let you discover Pinterest for yourself!


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