Planning for a Happy and Successful 2015

Having seen so many blog posts and emails over the past couple of weeks about goal setting and planning your business, including my own email newsletter, I thought I should practice what I preach!

Looking back at 2014

I decided to start with a look back at what I had planned to do in 2014 and how I did against my plan.  One particular area that I looked at was blogging.

This time last year I undertook HubSpot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge Hubspot's 30-Day Blog Challengewith the objective of writing as many blog posts as possible in January 2014.  I decided to give myself weekends off (or I was going to be in serious trouble with my family and my horse!). I managed to write a total of 17 blogs that month.

It was a great experience, one I enjoyed and learnt a lot from.  I thought it would be interesting to look back at the Action Plan that I was going to implement for 2014.  I was quite surprised to find that of the six tactics I identified, I’ve only nailed one absolutely!  However, I’m not worried or concerned about this.  In hindsight – a wonderful thing – I really didn’t have the time or the resource to effectively service my clients, build my business and write 2-3 blog posts a week.

What I did do in 2014 was write a weekly blog post. I also wrote a column every fortnight on social media for a local newspaper, The Bury Free Press.  Also, I now have a regular email newsletter going out each month. Finally, I have implemented several other marketing initiatives for my business.

Planning 2015

The lesson I’ve learnt is to make sure that my goals are planned more realistically. This is particularly in terms of time and resource available.  As a result, I can take advantage of new opportunities that pop up during the course of the year. And I should still reach my overall objectives.

I’m a great believer in ‘leading by example’ – as clichéd as that might sound. As I have several exciting new projects underway in 2015, both my own and for clients. So, I’ve gone back to my corporate training. I’m making sure I’ve set specific, measurable and timed goals – SMART goals – all connected to my reason why!

Have you set SMART goals for 2015? Why not share them in the comments below?

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