What’s on your ticket? Target your niche!

Choosing a niche

I always talk to clients about the importance of selecting a niche or target customer for their business so that their marketing will be focused and effective. So, I thought I’d tell you about an example of what I thought was a wasted opportunity. No names are mentioned, to protect the innocent, though I will send them a copy of this blog! Remember Market, Message, Media – who, what and where in that order!

Target your Niche

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As usual at the weekend, I’d been shopping at my local supermarket which is so convenient for the town centre it has a time limit on free parking versus the purchases you make in the store. You take a ticket on entry to the car park and show your ticket and receipt on the way out. Nothing unusual there!

What was different this time was that Geoff, my husband, actually looked at the ticket, the type we’ve had loads of times. He then burst out laughing. Knowing his strange sense of humour, I had to ask why.

He pointed out the wording he’d just noticed which said:

 “Re-order:” and then gave a ticket sales email address and their website URL to contact them to order more tickets when your stock ran out.

You have to ask why again! This is a sophisticated entry and exit system. It is geared for supermarkets, hotels, airports, and public sector car parks – or so their website indicates.

Your average, or even not-so-average, shopper is never going to use this piece of information. It’s highly unlikely that the person collecting and checking the tickets at the exit barrier is responsible for re-ordering either. So, why bother?

Just the ticket?

Now, it could be that the ticket system company was using this as a demonstration of its advertising space. Though a different message would have been more appropriate …. like “your message here”.

It is a perfect advertising opportunity for the retailer though and could have been used for offers or information. As a customer, I would have found the details of the supermarket’s parking restrictions and charges useful. That way if I needed to keep an eye on the time I wouldn’t just have to remember.

There are lots of different ways to communicate with your target niche so always look out for the best places to reach them. If one side of a parking ticket isn’t appropriate, or you’re not sure what your message should be, then don’t do it!

Do you have any good examples of unusual niche marketing? If you do, please share and add a comment below.


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