Under the Spell of Enchantment

Some time ago I read a review of Guy Kawasaki’s book ‘Enchantment – The Art of Changing, Hearts, Minds and Actions’ and added it to my ever-growing list of must-read books.

I now wish I had picked up a copy sooner and urge you to get hold of one as soon as you can as it is enchanting!

Enchantment - The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions


What is Enchantment?

The dictionary definition of the word enchantment is

to charm, delight, enrapture

and I have to say the book achieved exactly that.

It is full of a wealth of ideas and insights and presents an easy-to-read and practical approach to enchanting anyone. It also looks at the impact you can personally have on all you come into contact with. There are great sections on creating enchantment and impact with all the different main social media platforms, presentations and emails.

It isn’t all about technology, though.  Kawasaki has fabulous advice on achieving ‘likeability’, trustworthiness, enchanting your employees and enchanting your boss.  Just a few of his examples on ‘likeability’ are: make eye contact, have a smile that lights up a room (forget the Botox and keep the crow’s feet!) use the right words and default to yes.


Think Japanese

I particularly liked the small section on ‘Think Japanese”.  Kawasaki credits this to Garr Reynolds’s book, Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations. He lists ten Japanese aesthetic principles and translates them. He then suggests how you apply them to simplify your approach to increase your effective use of technology.

Kawasaki’s advice is to try his ideas, modify and adapt them as you go. Abandon the losers and run with the winners.

As an illustration of how well thought through, clever and enchanting his book is, the table of contents is even designed as a checklist to help you measure your progress! Another WOW factor!

Truly enchanting!!


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