How often should you (or I) blog?

Right, here I am blogging every day during January as part of HubSpot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge but do I really need to blog daily or should it be every weekday, once a week or maybe just a couple of times a month?

I took my usual route of Googling to see what I could find in terms of advice and felt I’d walked into a lively debate! There were many advocates of the blog everyday proposition, and some companies and individuals making a fantastic job of it – like HubSpot and Seth Godin. Equally, there were a fair number of supporters for blogging less frequently.

Let’s look at some of the ‘for’ and ‘against’!


  • Provides new fresh web content
  • If structured correctly will help your SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Can be leveraged as part of your social media marketing
  • Gives you and your business a voice and personality
  • Allows you to demonstrate your expertise and create your brand
  • Increases visitors to your website.



  • Quality versus quantity – you fall into the numbers trap
  • Weak content
  • Your post sits at the top of your blog page for only a day so attracts fewer comments and social proof
  • You just don’t have the time
  • You overwhelm your subscribers – they don’t have the time to read all your posts daily
  • No plan or strategy why you’re doing it.


I can see both sides of the debate but I particularly liked the positive spin on not blogging daily added in a guest post I found by Dries Cronje, the founder of Inner Calm Outer Power:

“You shouldn’t post on your blog every day because you need to spend time creating assets to grow your business.

Spend time conducting interviews with niche authorities. Host webinars. Create ebooks, all of which you can either sell or offer as free subscription incentives.

Your marketing efforts will pay off if you do. And a product that offers a clear solution to one of the pressing problems of your target market can make you good money for years to come.”

Your time is a precious resource and, as an entrepreneur, you need to make sure you use it wisely to generate an income. To paraphrase another common expression “fans are vanity, profit is sanity!”.

I plan to continue with the 30-Day Challenge to test the results and at the end of the month will report back any difference it has made to my business.

How often do you blog? And why?


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