Why bother with Social Media for your Business?

OK, I know this is a pretty basic question. However, whenever I attend a networking event, I find that most of the businesses have got the message that they must embrace social media. They’ve attended seminars, talks and training courses and then raced home full of enthusiasm and might even have set up their profiles and then…….nothing! They’ve run out of steam and aren’t sure what the next step should be. So, why bother with social media?

While I’m a great believer in meeting people in person, you really should also be harnessing the power of the internet to network online, which is where social media comes into its own.


You should bother with social media

Of course, I would say social media can help your business and you should do it so I’ll just give you a few of the reasons why

Bullet PointTo make sales

Bullet PointCreate loyal customers

Bullet PointReconnect with business associates

Bullet PointCreate positive word of mouth

Bullet PointKnow what people are saying about you!

The first thing that more and more people I talk to tell me is that, after having met someone new, they either Google them personally and/or their business.  Employment agencies search for and check out potential candidates on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Switched on sales executives research potential clients this way. It allows them to prepare themselves for calls and to find a point of connection, for example, a shared interest in golf or, in my case, horses.

Social media isn’t a silver bullet but it is important. However, you must be willing to allocate at least 30 minutes a day to build your network properly.  You have to be ready to participate consistently and in a meaningful way if you want to grow your business.

The key is to remember the purpose of social media. It isn’t to sell but to attract people who want to buy and then build a relationship with them. I try to avoid using the “engage” word but you need to show an interest and communicate with them. If you take the time to bother with social media, I promise you will see positive results!


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