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While responding to comments on a recent blog, it occurred to me that it would be worthwhile exploring why it’s worth making comments. Also to take a look at best practice (the how) of commenting on blogs.Comments, please

Apologies for not having been around for a few days but I was busy getting ready to go on a trip. I am now writing this from Portugal. Travelling makes me even more determined to continue to the end of the HubSpot 30-Day Blog Challenge to illustrate how portable blogging can be.

As always I’ve looked around the blogosphere for help and advice and have found a number of really useful articles from a variety of sources. The main recommendations are all very similar and point out the following positive aspects of making comments.

 1.   Building your Profile and Community

As long as you leave valuable feedback on a blog post within your niche, you are working towards building a community of like-minded individuals, your tribe.

 2.   Drive Traffic to your Website

Each time you comment you are leaving a link back to your blog. Other people who visit those blogs frequently will eventually trickle to yours though don’t expect a tidal wave!

 3.   Demonstrate your Expertise/Knowledge 

Sharing what you know or the experiences that you have can help build your credibility. Become a regular, valuable commenter with insights or information that is relevant to your niche.

 4.   Generate New Ideas

When you engage in conversation in other blogs comments, you get ideas for your own blog posts. I’ve certainly had ideas from comments on my own and others blogs.

 5.   Keep Up to Date

Reading and commenting on other blogs is a good discipline. One that helps keep you current with what is happening in your industry.

 6.   Get to Know Other Bloggers 

Leaving a comment can often be a great way to get on the radar of another blogger.  You are able to get to know that person on a personal level and they get to know you as well.

 7.   Attract Guest Blogging Opportunities

One of the ways to attract guest blogging opportunities on other blogs is through commenting. You never know where a great comment might lead!

Provided you leave valuable feedback each and every time, commenting can be an effective way to grow your own blog. If it’s obvious you’re only commenting to get your link out there, you will not be welcomed by the blogging community.

So that’s the why of comments. Now I thought I’d summarise a few tips on how to comment on what to say can often be a challenge.

How to Comment on Blogs

  •  Share an Example – built upon the blog post with an example that illustrates what the blogger is saying.
  • Add a Point – if there’s a point the blogger has missed, politely suggest it.
  • Disagree – you may not want to do this on every comment but politely disagreeing and then adding constructive reasons why can make a good impression.
  • Be Authentic – conviction, passion and personality stand out and show you care about your comment.
  • Use Humour – this can grab the attention of those scanning through comments.
  • Ask a Question – those who ask good questions often become the centre of conversations in comments.
  • Formatting Comments  – some commenting systems allow you to bold or italicise comments and some allow you to add images. Don’t go over the top as it could look spammy.
  • Helpful Links – if you’re going to add a link make sure it is relevant and has value.
  • Comment Length – if all the comments on a post are long, leave a short one as it will stand out. If all the other comments short do the opposite and leave a long one.  It often pays to be different.
  • Lists/Break it down – think about how your comment will look. Consider breaking big blocks of text into shorter paragraphs or even a list type format.
  • Share a link to a post with your own social networks.  This demonstrates that you’re not only willing to engage but also to promote someone else’s blog.
  • Comment regularly on the same blog.  A great one-off comment can have an impact and this impact will grow over time.

I’d now be very interested to know what commenting practices you have used or seen others use. Are they effective or just annoying?


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