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Hi, I’m Kim Morrison, owner of Morr Marketing, a British entrepreneur, author, life-long learner, and teacher. I’m also a marketing and social media specialist.

Where I can make a difference to your business is with an integrated, practical marketing approach, that includes both online and offline.

Business is all about people, communication and relationships, so to help you get to know me, here’s a short introduction.

What every business I’ve worked with has taught me is that marketing is the lifeblood of a business. You need to make sure you understand where you’re going in order to have a steady stream of customers who love your products and that you provide excellent value and service, as this is what great marketing is all about.

I often talk about how businesses get stuck on a roller coaster of feast or famine when it comes to running their business and winning new clients. If that’s you, helping you off that roller coaster, by making sure you have a steady flow of clients, is where I come in.

Marketing is absolutely vital for your business. You need a clear plan of what to do and when and how to do it. I can help you plan your business to achieve the results you want.

I work with a backup team and a team of trusted associates, so if I don’t know how to do something, as the saying goes, I know someone who can!

If you love what you do but haven’t mastered marketing your business yet, then I can help you with clear, no-nonsense advice.


It’s important that you get to know, like and trust the people you deal with, so here’s an idea of what you will get from us.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. You won’t be fobbed off with standard me-to information. Your brand and voice will be used to ensure you attract the right audience for your business.


Consistency is a key element in a business’ success. Of course, there are other important factors but consistency is what will create name recognition. Consistency is what will build your loyal followers so you can develop a trusting relationship. Consistency is what will showcase your expertise to new followers.


We’ll always work to educate you and your team so you can be independent of us and make informed decisions.


We don’t believe in lazy or shoddy work so will always make a persistent and careful effort to get it right first time by understanding your business needs.

About Kim…

Kim Morrison - Marketing and Social Media SpecialistA global view

Seems like I’ve been in Marketing almost all my career! It’s let me travel all over the world, working with different cultures and languages. As a result, I lived in New York for five years working for one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies – very “Sex in the City”!  I’ve also done what might have been seen as the unglamorous side of business too and worked in service businesses but I found those equally fun and exciting.

I was involved in the serious part of running a business as Managing Director of three different businesses. First, I built my teams (you can’t do it on your own!) and together we turned around loss-making businesses to profit. I did make sure we had fun along the way as that was really important when the going was tough!

My passion for learning is matched by my enjoyment of sharing what I learn. I really get a kick out of helping my clients succeed and grow their business.


Morr Marketing and BeYourOwnGraphicDesigner

When I finally started my own business, I found loads of advice on the web telling you what to do but little help with ‘how to’ do it. So I decided to focus on the ‘how’ as I’m known for making the complex simple to understand. Consequently, I’ve now built a reputation as a specialist in marketing and social media focusing on how to take the mystery out of marketing to help my clients win the customers they want to work with.

I also worked with a graphic designer, Sammy Teather, to develop The Collection, a growing unique set of flat graphics that allow busy business owners and social media managers to create their own social media posts and web graphics quickly and easily. And, of course, I show you how to on our website, Be Your Own Graphic Designer and on YouTube. We were also thrilled and excited to be chosen as one of the first Ambassadors for Canva and now are officially Canva Champions.


Where you’ll find me

My love for adventure and new places hasn’t changed. I now live with my husband and my lovely Lusitano horse in the beautiful Western Algarve, Portugal, just before you fall off the edge of Europe! You can see my view in the page header overlooking a fishing harbour.

Why? Because I can and the weather, people, food, wine and scenery are fabulous. Digital communication is now so advanced I can work anywhere so I’ve chosen a location independent existence. However, I do pop back to the UK regularly to meet clients personally. 🙂

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