Marketing Momentum:

Your 6-Week Action Accelerator

You want to grow your business and find your ideal clients but are struggling to take the next step and get into action. Now, with 6 weeks 1:1 coaching, it’s time to make this a reality!

Marketing Momentum is specifically designed for coaches and therapists like you, who are ready to take the leap from planning to action and tangible results.

Marketing Momentum

What Happens in Reality

Life gets in the way!

Lack of Time

The demands of client sessions, administrative tasks, and continuous professional development consume the bulk of your day, leaving little time for implementing a marketing strategy.

Back to Overwhelm

You struggle to decide where to focus your efforts, from social media and blogging to email marketing and beyond, leading to paralysis by analysis.

No Clear Marketing Message

Identifying and communicating what sets you apart in a crowded market can be challenging. You’re unsure what sets you apart and don’t have a clear marketing message.

Fear of Being 'Salesy'

You want to help others, not to become a salesperson. You worry about being in conflict with your values and authentic connection you want with potential clients.

Imagine …

Feeling like you’ve finally cracked the code, where attracting your ideal clients feels more like a fun puzzle than a daunting task.

You’ll walk away feeling lighter, with the weight of ‘what if I’m doing it wrong?’ lifted off your shoulders. Get ready to feel confident, knowing your marketing efforts are now as effective and impactful as the work you do with your clients.

Clarity and Confidence:
You can ask any question you want to demystify marketing. You’ll have clear, actionable steps that boost your confidence.

Visible Progress:
You’ll see real progress by consistently taking action on your marketing efforts, from increased online presence to engagement with your target audience.

Sustainable Growth:
You’ll develop the skills and habits needed for ongoing success, ensuring your marketing continues to work for you long after our six weeks together.

Kim Morrison

Hi, I’m Kim!

And I know exactly how you feel

When I started my own business, I found loads of advice on the web telling you what to do but little help with ‘how to’ do it. There was so much conflicting advice on what worked and what didn’t! I confess that I struggled to get going until I went back to basics and applied my marketing experience to my business.

I decided to focus on the ‘how’ as I’m known for making the complex simple to understand. I’ve now built a reputation as a specialist in marketing and social media focusing on how to take the mystery out of marketing to help my clients win the customers they want to work with.

Marketing Momentum

What’s in it

Six 60 minutes weekly 1:1 sessions over six weeks tailored to what you need.

Personalised 1:1 Coaching: 
Get tailored support specifically designed to turn your marketing strategy into action. Each session is customised to fit your unique goals and challenges.

Stay on track and focused on your objectives, with weekly milestones and check-ins, ensuring you make steady progress towards your marketing goals.

Create a Compelling Marketing Message:
Have a marketing message that is heard in the heads and felt in the hearts of your ideal clients, so everyone will know what you do and whom you serve.

Practical Implementation:
Move beyond theory with practical steps that bring your marketing plan to life. From content creation to digital outreach, we’ll tackle the essentials together.

Email/Messenger Support:
Questions answered between sessions so you can keep moving ahead.

Join me today and Marketing Momentum will ensure you’re taking action to grow your business successfully.


You can either make one single payment or pay in 2 instalments of £675/$825*  30 days apart.

* depends on current exchange rate

What Others Say

I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience about working with Kim. When I changed my business direction a couple of years ago, I really, really, really was in love with every aspect of what I do. But there was a particular aspect of what I needed to do that I struggle with. And that was the M word – Marketing.

Working with Kim 1:1, I got so much clarity and so many different elements in place that had felt like huge elephants to bite. It resulted in me moving forward at a much faster pace than I would’ve done.

Kim is genuinely passionate about my success and has always been there to support, help and guide me. I’m so blessed and grateful for Kim’s support. I highly recommend anyone looking to begin, restructure or turbocharge their marketing to work with Kim.

Carole-Anne Knott

Carole-Anne Knott

RTT Hypnotherapist and Coach

Working with Kim has been a revelation. I started my consultancy business on the basis of a throwaway comment and an idea that I knew what I wanted to do, but no real plan on how to do it. Kim has given me direction and purpose, she has taken me completely outside of my comfort zone, shown me the importance of believing in myself and marketing me, as my brand.

Kim has helped me to identify what is really important to me and what gives me that “unfair advantage” over my competitors. I have been led through the importance of a well-crafted website and how to create an effective LinkedIn profile, with some brilliantly insightful critique throughout.

I now have a direction, the confidence to put myself, front and centre of my business and the marketing knowledge and materials with which to do it.

Liz Rix - Rix Management Systems

Liz Rix

Management Systems Consultant, Rix Management Systems

How will you feel one year from now?

When you’ve waved goodbye to marketing overwhelm and said hello to clear, actionable steps that feel doable and exciting. You’ll feel like you’ve got this marketing thing in the bag, with a clear path forward and the tools to make it happen.

You’ll feel great knowing the difference investing in this 6-week coaching offer made to your practice and your life.

You’ll feel empowered, like you’ve been handed the reins to your business’s growth. It’s like finding your marketing mojo, where every step feels aligned with your values and draws clients closer to you.

Marketing Momentum

Still got questions?

Who is this program for?

Marketing Momentum is specially crafted for participants in the Local Client Attraction Course and are now looking to transform those plans into action. Whether you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed by the myriad of marketing options, or simply looking for accountability to ensure you follow through, this program is your next step towards achieving tangible marketing success.

What makes this program different from other marketing courses?

Unlike broad-stroke courses, Marketing Momentum offers personalised, 1:1 coaching tailored to the unique needs of coaches and therapists. This program isn’t about just learning; it’s about doing. With a strong emphasis on practical implementation and accountability, you’ll not only understand what needs to be done but actually get it done, with expert guidance every step of the way.

I’m worried about being too 'salesy'. How does this program address that?

I understand that many coaches and therapists enter their field to help people, not to become sales experts. That’s why Marketing Momentum focuses on authentic marketing strategies that resonate with your values and connect genuinely with your audience. You’ll learn how to market yourself in a way that feels true to who you are, attracting clients naturally and comfortably.

What if I’m not tech-savvy? Will I still be able to implement the strategies discussed?

Absolutely! Marketing Momentum is designed with you in mind, recognising that not everyone is a digital native. My approach simplifies digital and traditional marketing strategies into easy-to-understand, actionable steps. Plus, with 1:1 coaching, you’ll have direct support to navigate any tech hurdles, ensuring you can implement your marketing plan confidently, regardless of your starting tech skill level.

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