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How To Make Your WordPress Website Lightning Fast Using Nothing But Free Tools. . . Even If You Have Zero Technical Knowledge!

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Rocket IconStep-by-step instructions to a lightning FAST WordPress website

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Only £125.00

If you want to rank higher on search engines then you need to learn how to turbocharge your WordPress website!

My new course will take you step-by-step course through the changes you need to make in simple, every day, non-geek speak.

Why it’s even more important now to improve your website speed.


With the spread of the coronavirus, internet usage has surged by up to 50% in some countries as people have shifted to working at home and other online services.

The bar is set high when it comes to site speed. Visitors now expect, and demand, fast loading times.

A slow website speed means your visitors will get confused or frustrated. Fast load speed is a priority when it comes to user experience.

40% of people will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Website speed affects your Google rank and Chrome may label it as slow. My recent blog, Is Your Website Up to Speed‘, outlines Chrome’s plans.

You only get one chance to make a good impression!


Google is also making it more important for your website to load faster if you want to be found online, particularly on mobile devices.

What Google cares about is real-world performance and this is what your website visitors want as well. Your visitor’s perception of speed is by far-and-away the most important performance characteristic. This is why Google so highly favours websites that have been optimised for speed.

As a business owner, attempting to speed up your website can seem a bridge too far. Just too technical for you.

My new course will solve that for you by showing how to speed up your website so it will literally fly off the page!

My new online course will show you how you can turbocharge your website with step-by-step videos in simple, every day, non-technical language!

Only £125.00

Course Structure

Turbocharge Your Website Course Structure

Score Higher

Achieve website speed scores like these!


  • Page Speed 98% 98%
  • Image Optimisation 100% 100%
  • Leverage Browser Caching 98% 98%
  • YSlow 96% 96%
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS 98% 98%
  • Enable gzip compression 100% 100%

These probably don’t mean a lot to you now but you’ll understand what they are and how they impact your website once you’ve completed my Turbocharge Your Website course!

What You’ll Learn

Introduction - Why the Need for Speed?

A quick recap of why it’s so important for your website to be turbocharged!

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Speed Testing Tools

Explains how to find out the current performance of your site to establish a baseline for improvement. 

Lesson 2 - GTmetrix Speed Testing Tool

Explains how to use my favourite speed testing tool to analyse your site speed.

Lesson 3 - Pingdom Speed Testing Tool

A look at an alternative speed testing tool which you might prefer to use.

Lesson 4 - Google PageSpeed Insights Test

This testing tool can be a bit geeky in its recommendations for improvement but really useful to find out your site’s mobile speed.

Lesson 5 - Hosting for Speed

A quick review of hosting options and the impact your hosting can have on the speed of your site.

Lesson 6 - Image Optimisation Introduction

We start to look at what is often one of the main culprits in slowing down your site – images!

Lesson 7 - Image Optimisation - ShortPixel

How to use ShortPixel, my favourite image optimisation plugin, to compress your images.

Lesson 8 - Serving Scaled Images

The final element in sorting out the images on your website – making sure they’re the right size.

Lesson 9 - Introduction to Website Caching

An explanation of what website caching is and how it affects your visitors’ experience.

Lesson 10 - Installing for your Web Caching Plugin

This module covers how to install your website caching plugin and the settings you need to use.

Lesson 11 - Leverage Browser Caching

What this means and how to improve it.

Lesson 12 - Enabling Gzip Compression

Reduce the size of files sent from your server to increase the speed to which they are transferred to the browser.

Lesson 13 - Minification and Concatenation

How to minify your JavaScript and CSS by taking out the white spaces around them and why you don’t need to worry about concatenation now.

Lesson 14 - Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

Render means loading, so if something is renderblocking, it means that it is keeping the page from loading as quickly as it could. This module deals with the main offenders – JavaScript and CSS.

Only £125.00

About Your Teacher

Kim Morrison

Hi, I’m Kim Morrison. I’m a British entrepreneur, marketer, author, life-long learner, and teacher. I’m certainly not a domestic goddess as I dislike housework though would happily muck out my horse’s stable until it’s perfect!

My passion for learning is matched by my enjoyment of sharing what I learn. I really get a kick out of helping my clients succeed and grow their business. 

I’ve been in Marketing almost all my career and it’s let me travel all over the world, working with different cultures and languages.

When I started my own business, I found that there was loads of advice on the web telling you what to do but little help with ‘how to’ actually do it. So I decided to focus on the ‘how’ as I’m known for making the complex simple to understand.

I’ve now built a reputation as a specialist in digital marketing. My involvement in website design and development evolved from seeing so many poorly designed, slow websites!

I live with my husband and my lovely Lusitano horse in the beautiful Western Algarve, Portugal. It’s great to be able to work anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection though I do pop back to the UK regularly to meet clients personally.

Your Guarantee

After using my course and implementing the recommendations, you will have turbocharged your website and will have higher PageSpeed and YSlow scores.

Basically, I GUARANTEE your site will speed up after implementing my course or your money back!

Of course, you do need to do the work to get the results!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“Just had Kim Morrison of Morr Marketing speed up my website – it is amazing!

I have been blaming the poor signal in East Anglia for the time it has been taking to bring up my Business Plumber website on my phone. Apparently there was plenty that could be done to help, and Kim did it!

Kate Kelly

The Business Plumber

Only £125.00

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