Unlocking Your Superpowers

Day 4’s Challenge is to identify what you’re good at and enjoy doing – unlocking your superpowers! This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4.

Superpower 1 – Simplifying the Complex

At interviews in my corporate days, I had to take various personality profiling tests. One of these was the 16PF, the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire. This clearly identified one of my key superpowers as simplifying the complex.

Natalie said not to be modest in her brief, so here goes. I have the ability to cut through complex, often intricate explanations and get to the heart of the issue. I do this by asking simple questions, creating straightforward analogies and then, particularly with digital marketing, eliminating the jargon!

Eliminating the jargon has become a mantra for me, particularly since I’ve been in social media which has a whole language of its own.


Superpower 2 – Growing and Developing a Team

This is something I absolutely love doing! Though I could just look at my own business and those I’ve run in the past, I believe I apply these superpowers in their widest context.

Below is a LinkedIn recommendation from a former team member to set the scene:

“I found Kim to be one of the most charismatic and engaging leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working for. I was young in my business career at the time and learned some extremely important lessons and skills from her. Kim has the ability to engage and motivate those around her effortlessly, and to ensure everyone is driving for the same goal, whilst sharing success with the whole team. Her communication skills in ensuring messages are delivered clearly, succinctly and in an engaging way are exceptional. She is an inclusive manager and an excellent mentor and coach. I am sincerely grateful for the time I was able to work for Kim. It shaped the business person I am today.”   Rachael Lewis

I apply the same desire and enjoyment of seeing people develop and grow to networking. My business network is now my team and I love to make connections between different people. I always make time to give recommendations and introductions that I know will be mutually beneficial. I also truly enjoy seeing my networking colleagues growth and successes.


Superpower 3 – Marketing

My third superpower is definitely Marketing. Where I excel is in defining the strategy and target audience for a business and then identifying the best ways to reach that audience. (I’m getting into this lack of modesty bit! This was feedback though from two of my clients, both of whom described me as “brilliant” 😎 ).

It can range from an insight into what problem a client’s services or products really solves for their customers to mapping out a year’s step-by-step marketing calendar. I’ll also train my clients how to use the tools to implement their plan or be their outsourced Marketing Director.


Learning and Teaching

The final element of today’s blog challenge was to identify what you enjoy doing and for me, that’s learning and teaching.

I’ve already blogged about my SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) where I just can’t resist new tools, software, and techniques so I won’t cover that again.

I love those lightbulb moments my clients have when they ‘get it’ and understand what they need to do. Or, when I’m running a social media training course, the penny drops and it’s clear to someone how to do something.

When I started my own business I focussed on social media as it was the new bright shiny object. No surprise there! The combination of my superpowers is my sweet spot and, as a result, I’m in the process of changing my business focus.

Social media will still be an important element but it will be just one of the tools in my box to help my clients grow their businesses. Watch this space…

What are your superpowers? Why not put a comment in the box below?
10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge

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