Celebrating Freedom! What I’ve learned from the 10 Day Blog Challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10. The first part of Celebrating Freedom was to choose your favourite blog from the past nine days.

This was more difficult than I thought! As I re-read the blogs I’d posted, I realised how much I’d enjoyed the Challenge. It demanded from me a very different style of blogging to my usual posts. They were much more about me and not so much about business. It also made me think about what I do want and how I want to live my life. I did finally decide on my favourite!

And my Favourite Challenge Blog Post is…

‘Unlocking Your Superpowers’.

I found this particularly challenging to write as it made me really think about myself and what I am good at. It forced me to take a look at myself and my talents – not something I usually do.

What I liked about it most was that my superpowers dovetailed into where I wanted to go in the future. Very reassuring!


Blog Post Results and Feedback

I usually blog every two weeks, though not always, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at my Facebook Insights to see the impact of blogging every day. It was great to see that my reach had increased by 85% and, even better, that post engagement for the week had increased by a massive 627%!

Facebook Insights during Blog Challenge

Key Takeaway

My big takeaway from participating in the Challenge is that I realised that I have location independence now. I’ve already taken the first big step by moving to Portugal.  I now need to work out how to achieve the right work-life balance here.

I’ve been through the cathartic step of cleaning out a lot of ‘stuff’ when we moved and need to put in place what I do want.

Next Step

My next step is to implement the plans I outlined in my Day 5, Setting Up for Success, and Day 9, Location Independence, blogs. I’m already starting to use the Pomodoro technique on a regular basis, this blog included. I’m starting to develop my SOPs, “Sexy Operating Procedures” to quote Natalie. The next stage will be to build my outsourced team.

I’m also working on my online course around client work.

What the Challenge has done for me

The Challenge was perfect timing for me. I had just begun to follow Natalie more closely, having been on her mailing list for a while. From this and her other resources, I’ve learned about location independence which wasn’t a phrase I’d heard before.

It has also put into perspective what I really want to do and achieve in my life. It also gave me clarity on the importance of bringing forward what I want to do and achieve.

I’ve also learned that my audience wants to know more about me personally. As a result, I will be adding more of myself to my future blogging.

In summary, it’s been a great experience and one I’ve really enjoyed and I look forward to learning more from Natalie. What it has really reminded me is that life is short and you need to go out and enjoy. It’s about celebrating freedom!

10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge

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